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TripWorks 2022 Year in Review

Review highlights of the product updates and feature improvements made to the TripWorks dashboard in 2022. Discover how your feedback improved the platform and can continue to do so in the future.
Bella Ward
5 minutes

For the TripWorks platform, 2022 was a whirlwind of new products and feature improvements — thanks to your ongoing feedback and support! Review below the major upgrades made to your dashboard last year.

2022 Recap: TripWorks Platform Upgrades

Improvements to The Manifest

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities, simplifying time and resource adjustments for booked trips
  • Faster load time (particularly beneficial to operators hosting 500+ customers per day)
  • Default view “jumps to” current time of day so you don’t have to scroll to find “now” when checking in travelers
  • Totals are displayed for columns containing numerical values
  • Color-coded rows display red when all travelers no-show and green when all check in
  • Improved visibility on checked-in travelers, travelers by ticket type, and signed waivers

Making Changes to Existing Reservations

  • Group ticket types allow you to sell a variable number of guests for a single ticket type at a fixed price
  • Unlocking past trips allows you to edit trip details (good for correcting input errors to ensure accurate reporting metrics)
  • Group and individual booking actions allow you to sell products, reprice tickets, apply discounts, and more to one or multiple travelers on a trip
  • Add travelers to existing trips, either by adding new tickets or cloning existing ones
  • Lead traveler smart detection prevents you from accidentally changing a trip’s point of contact when you go to edit the trip’s lead traveler


  • Our DIY Customer Rebooking feature supplies your customers with a handy rebooking link whenever you need to cancel a tour
  • Rebooking alerts notify subscribed team members whenever a customer rebooks a trip


  • It is now possible to unassign waivers from your dashboard and place them back into the waiver queue

Accepting Payment

  • Your customers can now choose a payment amount using a gift card; on a $100 gift card, for instance, they can apply $50 toward the total due and keep the remaining $50 balance for later use
  • Travelers on the same trip can pay for themselves and/or other travelers simultaneously Using the Tab Feature


Taxes & Surcharges

The Taxes & Surcharges feature allows you to:

  • Define up to 7 different taxes and/or surcharges
  • Apply each tax/surcharge to specific experiences and products
  • Configure whether taxes/surcharges should appear as revenue in Sales Reports
  • See a detailed breakdown of the charges applied to each booking


  • The ability to assign products to a single product category eliminates category overlap, which in turn simplifies the purchase process and ensures accurate totals in your Products & Inventory Report
  • Point of sale purchases for products have been simplified thanks to a quantity drop-down menu


You have more autonomy than ever in selecting email recipients when Sending Manual Emails. You can:

  • Message a single traveler
  • Message multiple (or all) travelers on a single trip
  • Message travelers across multiple trips
  • Input any email address without opening the trip


  • Customer contact information now includes clickable phone numbers, saving you time when viewing trip details from your mobile device

Reseller Partnerships

  • You can choose from a variety of Reseller Booking Methods to ensure that any sales made through their efforts are accurately reflected in your reports and sales data
  • The platform automatically Tracks Reseller Sales & Commission, giving you visibility on where your sales are coming from, how well each reseller is performing, and how much commission is owed to each one
  • If a partnered reseller prefers to handle customer communications themselves, you can update the Email Confirmation Settings for the Reseller so that, rather than the customer receiving automated trip messages, the reseller receives those messages.


When you save your TripAdvisor URL to your TripWorks account, your TripAdvisor reviews will automatically be pulled into TripWorks on a daily basis, where they appear:

  • Alongside your direct reviews in the dashboard
  • In your weekly review summary email
  • In the Reviews Report
  • In certain customer-facing emails (those that include a “Review” block)


The new Executive Summary Report:

  • Gives you a bird's eye view of pertinent, related data points pulled from the most-referenced individual reports in your dashboard
  • Lays out said data points in an easy-to-view, itemized format
  • Breaks down deposits made by us (TripWorks), by you, and by others — an especially beneficial feature if you've ever found yourself asking, "Why don't my report totals match?"
  • Includes pop-up glossary terms so you know exactly what data you're looking at


  • The new Waiver Report allows you to view, download, and save waiver-related details for the date ranges of your choosing
  • More columns were added to the Underpaid Sales Report, giving you more details about trips that have not been paid for in full
  • The Finance Report now include a Tips tab, providing you with convenient visibility on your team’s tip history for the date ranges of your choosing

Edit Timeslots

  • The Bulk Availability Editor has been upgraded with new filtering capabilities, giving you the power to filter your booking availabilities (timeslots) for a specific date range then make bulk changes to the selected timeslots

Edit the Booking Flow

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