“TripWorks creates functional, efficient products that make our job easier all the time.”

Matt Piaseczny
Owner of BikeBlast Las Vegas
Matt Piaseczny
“We wanted a booking platform that does most of the heavy lifting, and boy did we get it! In the last two years, TripWorks’ automated email technology alone convinced 535 ‘on the fence’ customers to finish booking trips they had shown interest in.”

Discovering TripWorks

Ask Matt what he loves most about TripWorks, and he’ll tell you it’s the intuitive, convenient, and ever-advancing technology. Outside of the abandoned cart email automations — which proactively chase down leads to close deals without his team having to lift a finger — he has found the platform’s flex-time booking and dynamic pricing features to be especially useful in streamlining day-to-day operations.

Flex-Time Booking

Since BikeBlast offers both guided tours and bike rentals, a certain amount of flexibility is vital. In their industry, it’s not uncommon for customers to call and say, “I’d like to rent a bike on Monday and get it back to you some time on Wednesday.” This requires booking software they can trust to account for those fluid customer needs while ensuring their resources are not overbooked.

For BikeBlast, flex-time booking gives equipment renters the option to select their rental dates now and choose specific pickup and dropoff times later. When the booking is confirmed, the team simply pulls up the trip details, reaches out to the customer, and makes the necessary arrangements for the chosen dates.

A Comprehensive Manifest

Most tour operators rely heavily on a well-organized manifest to keep their daily operations running smoothly. In addition to displaying basic booking details (customer name, confirmation number, activity start time, and so on) the TripWorks’ Manifest View lets you:

  • View waiver status. For applicable activities, you can see which customers still need to sign waivers, right there from the manifest.
  • Show or hide columns. The BikeBlast team chooses to display their customers’ height, helmet size, and related details — information collected via custom fields they have added to their booking flow.
  • Review past and future manifests. Need to look back or plan ahead? The Manifest View lets you select any date to review.
  • Print and share the manifest. This feature comes in handy for BikeBlast tour guides, who can use the printed document to double-check that they finish their bike tour with the same people they started with.
“Overall, this booking software is just plain solid. It works well, it does its job, and it saves me tons of time. Couldn’t be happier.”

Favorite Things About Working with TripWorks

  • Flex-time booking options
  • A detailed Manifest View (including responses to custom fields included in the booking flow)
  • Abandoned cart technology
  • Fully integrated waivers
  • “Smart technology provided by a smart team”

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