“I go with whoever has the best technology, and TripWorks has the best technology.”

Eliav Cohen
Founder of Seattle Ballooning
Eliav Cohen
“We have grown annual bookings by 110% working with TripWorks, even while increasing rates 30%."

Discovering TripWorks

When Eliav partnered with TripWorks for booking software for his hot air balloon business, his primary goal was to find a way of raising his rates while simultaneously increasing sales volume. While he credits many of the platform’s features to his success at achieving this goal, the two he finds most profoundly helpful for his operation are the tipping widget and abandoned cart technology.

Seattle Ballooning chief pilot Eliav Cohen is all smiles during another beautiful flight. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Tipping Widget

In their first year using the TripWorks tipping widget, Seattle Ballooning’s tips went up by more than 160%. This is due in large part to the sheer convenience and portability of the widget.

After a balloon ride, the pilot can choose a moment in which the customer is thrilled with their experience. After the champagne toast post-flight, the pilot or chief crew opens the app on their phone or tablet and asks the customer to close out their trip. The customer is taken through a natural, low-pressure “Add tip?” prompt that shows options of 15%,20%, and 25%. They then select a preset or custom tip amount, which is charged to their credit card on file.

For Eliav's team, this approach has resulted in more tips and larger ones, at that.

Abandoned Cart Technology

TripWorks' abandoned cart technology gives you a series of tools to help close the sales of those indecisive online shoppers. Here's how it works for Seattle Ballooning:

  1. A shopper completes the first page of the booking flow.
  2. The platform automatically saves their booking details (name, email, phone number, and experience of choice) to your dashboard.
  3. The shopper changes their mind and exits the booking widget (abandons cart).
  4. Three emails are queued up to send to the shopper at preset intervals (1 hour, 24 hours, and 48 hours after the cart is abandoned — these intervals can be adjusted or disabled).
  5. Because they've enabled alerts, the team is notified that a shopper has just abandoned cart.
  6. A member of the team calls the shopper immediately, answers whatever questions caused them to abandon cart in the first place, and ultimately completes the sale.
  7. If the shopper does not answer their call, the team member may choose to let the automated emails send at their preset intervals.

As Eliav puts it, “All companies offer automated abandoned cart emails, but the trips we save with an email strategy only account for 10% of what we collect by calling…There is no other platform outside of TripWorks that allows you to do this, which is why I like TripWorks.”

“Using the TripWorks platform, we were able to rescue over $100K in what would have been abandoned cart sessions. Thank you TripWorks.”

Favorite Things About Working with TripWorks

  • On-site tipping technology
  • Proactive abandoned cart solutions
  • Automated DIY rebooking emails following a trip cancelation
  • Review management technology — both to request reviews automatically following a trip and to keep eyes on positive and negative reviews in real time
  • A genuine partnership with an innovative team

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