“TripWorks is a very easy platform to grow with and love.”

Adam Watt
Owner of Austin Bike Tours
Adam Watt
“In a business like ours where bikes can be rented online, managing our inventory is a top priority. TripWorks has been a crucial element in helping us balance rentals and tours without double-booking ourselves.”

Discovering TripWorks

Before TripWorks, Adam’s biggest headache was trying to manually manage his bike equipment inventory. After joining the platform, he found both a team and resource management system he could rely on, and with very little effort on his team’s part.

Resource Management

For companies like Austin Bike Tours, whose equipment usage is in a constant state of flux, having an up-to-date inventory is an absolute must-have. Between customers participating in guided tours and renting bikes for varying lengths of time (anywhere from 1 to 14 days), it was historically far too easy to overbook equipment.

Now, when customers book bike tours and rentals online, the platform reflects those resource considerations in real time. Not only can members of Adam’s team see the state of their current and projected inventory, but the platform actively prevents online shoppers from selecting dates for which the equipment they’ll need is fully booked.

User-Centered Technology

According to Adam, “It’s obvious that TripWorks wants to have the best product because they are always improving their software. But, the true value in this is that they listen to the users and make changes that benefit everyone.”

When TripWorks developed our Bulk Availability Editor — a tool that allows users to open and close timeslots to customers on a mass scale — Adam’s team found the tool extremely useful. They, among a few other TripWorks’ clients, expressed that the tool would be even easier to use if it had the option to filter by date range. Adam was pleasantly surprised to see TripWorks implement his feedback not long after.

At TripWorks, we take the time to consider our clients’ requests, weigh the pros and cons of each suggestion, and ultimately implement the changes that will positively impact the most people.

“TripWorks has made managing my business so much easier. Once everything was set up, there haven’t been any issues with our inventory or resources overlapping. It’s peace of mind knowing everything is online running smoothly.”

Favorite Things About Working with TripWorks

  • Efficient and reliable resource management tools
  • A client-oriented approach to product development
  • An ever-improving, easy-to-use platform
  • A team that listens, knows your individual business, and is invested in helping you grow

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