“TripWorks allows us to automate the entire process — from reservation to waivers to complete payment and communication — before guests arrive.”

Dustin & Niki Knight
Co-Founders of United States Axe Throwing
Dustin & Niki Knight
“Before TripWorks, in addition to paying for booking software, we also purchased software to manage our digital waivers. Although both solutions came from the same provider and were supposedly integrated, the process was far from seamless. Nor was it inexpensive.”

Discovering TripWorks

What first drew the Knights to TripWorks when choosing a booking platform for their axe throw business was the promise of a seamless and fully integrated waiver-signing and check-in process. After giving these features a try, they were not disappointed. More than that, they were thrilled to discover the platform’s marketing reports — “an enormous advantage in deciding where and when to advertise and promote ourselves.”

Fully Integrated Waivers

For businesses like US Axe Throwing that require signed liability waivers, the overall check-in process simply must be quick and efficient. The less time customers spend signing papers and showing IDs, the more time they can put toward their activity, and the greater your chances of earning repeat business.

With TripWorks' built-in waivers, customers simply sign the necessary documents as part of the regular reservation process. And — to minimize those last-minute signings — customers receive email reminders at preset intervals up until their activity takes place.

Marketing Reports

TripWorks offers a wide variety of automated reports. Marketing reports can be especially beneficial to growing axe throwing businesses, as they give you visibility on the channels through which you gain the most traffic and conversions.

In the Knights’ case, they found that Facebook was a major source of traffic for them, so they decided to put a TripWorks booking widget directly on their Facebook profile. As Dustin reports, “Now customers can secure space at any of our locations with just a single tap right from the social media platform. Sales have increased substantially."

“We are operating at max capacity across our locations, thanks in no small part to the technology and expertise provided by TripWorks.”

Favorite Features

  • Streamlined waiver-signing and check-in processes
  • Automated emails reminding customers to sign waivers
  • Automated reports — especially those that guide their marketing efforts
  • Abandoned cart technology to complete unfinished online purchases
  • Ease of use in creating booking widgets

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