Seamless, Integrated Digital Waivers

Mobile, tablet. You choose.
Your guests can complete their online waivers on any device: desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
Automated follow ups & reminders
Remind guests to complete their waivers before  arrival. Free up valuable in-store real estate, reduce staffing costs, and streamline the check-in process.
Flexible. Extensible. Make it yours.
Deliver different waivers for different activities. Customize the waiver process for adults & minors. Collect signatures, initials, and waiver-specific information.

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Free hands-on onboarding & support
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One unified system. Beautiful marketing.
Keep all your customer details in one place. With TripWorks, any customer data provided in a digital waiver automatically updates their guest profile.
Custom fields
Configure required and optional fields. Support for dates, text fields, signature boxes, initial boxes, ID cards. and more. Built-in support for adults and minors. Stay compliant with insurance requirements for all participants.
Powerful, built-in template editor
Use the built-in document manager to design, edit, and preview online waiver forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are digital waivers built into the platform?

Yes. Customers are prompted to sign digital waivers electronically as part of the booking process. And — to encourage all travelers to sign before their arrival — email reminders are sent in advance up until their activity takes place. Best of all, your team can easily see who still needs to sign waivers simply by viewing the manifest.

Do I need any special hardware?

No. The platform supports several waiver models.

  • You can include a link in the booking confirmation message, requesting that each guest complete a waiver before arrival. You can automatically send additional reminders.
  • When guests arrive, you can send them an individual link by text or email. With this link, they can complete the waiver on their own device.
  • When guests arrive, you can send their booking to a tablet device at your facility, such as a tablet physically mounted on a desk in your facility. The guest will see their booking information and can complete their waiver.
  • When guests arrive, you can direct them to a tablet device to complete an unattached waiver. Unattached waivers can be connected to the guest booking.
Are multiple waiver templates supported?

Yes. You may create multiple templates and assign a template to one or more activities. For example, you can create a waiver template and use it for your Hiking Activity and your Climbing Activity. You can create a second waiver template and assign it to the Swimming Activity.

Do I have to pay an additional monthly backup storage fee, or per-waiver fee like other e-waiver solutions?

No. There are no additional monthly backup fees, or per-waiver fees, with TripWorks.

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