I was really blown away. I am very happy having TripWorks as a partner.

"I'd recommend TripWorks for any attraction or rental business, they are truly aligned to not only make the technology easy, but tie seamlessly into marketing and operations."

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The support team are genuinely lovely people. They take their time to explain everything, every step of the way. The support team genuinely supported us throughout the onboarding process. they made it simple and easy to understand the whole process.

Tim Harris
Owner @ThePaddleBros

As a charter company in a very busy tourist town, TripWorks has helped the ease of use in online bookings, tracking marketing and reporting. They are with us every step of the way and always willing to go above and beyond. We love that we are able to contact support at any time to receive prompt and amazing service as well as the ability to make this product work for our exact needs.

Whitney Andrews
Owner, Sail Wild Hearts

We moved to them because they had better technology to help us earn more revenue than Fareharbor or Peek. 3 things I really like about the software 1. Allow users to reschedule their tour on their own when we have to cancel for any reason. 2. Allow us to see draft purchases right away and call those prospects to close them (They are the only platform that currently allows this) 3. Tipping feature is awesome. We used to get $250-$400 in tips per tour. Now we get $800-$1000 per tour group.

Eliav Cohen

Tripworks is easy to use and the support team is great. Tripworks is adding on new features often. The features I like most are the calendar. You can sell different products and various reports you can get.

Kenneth Bradley.
Commercial Pilot, Hot Air Affair Ballooning

I had immediate attention from the staff from the get go. If I needed it, they took care of it. It was completely painless to switch from our old system and website to a new modern one.

Terry Lee Bandi
Owner, Tour Samanta With Terry

Thanks to TripWorks, our stress levels gave decreased. This company is on the ball and do exactly what they say they will do. Any minor issue that comes up is addressed in a very timely manner compared to other companies we have used in the past. I highly recommend Tripworks.

Christopher Brown
Owner, Paddles Outdoor

I love the ease of use of the entire platform. From communication with customers via text or email to managing resources within our fleet, the process is absolutely a breeze. TripWorks offers so much more than our prior booking software for communicating with potential customers. Capturing abandoned carts and offering promo deals is allowing our company to grab potential customers and make them return customers. I learn new things every day about our booking platform and I have failed to find something that doesn't give me so much more than I thought I was getting.

Karen Steele
Owner, Fab On The Duck

I'd recommend TripWorks for any attraction or rental business, they are truly aligned to not only make the technology easy, but tie seamlessly into marketing and operations!

Rob M.
Owner, Bike Blast

Support is phenomenal! Obviously transitioning to a new software can be stressful but our rep held our hand every step of the way and would answer our call at anytime of the day or night. If she didn't have the answer you could count on her to get it and find a resolution to our problem. We are very pleased with the product and the team and TripWorks and look forward to what they will be able to offer our business in the years to come!

Melissa Moore
Owner, Nashville Flyboard

Working closely with the team at TripWorks has allowed us to grow organically over time. Keeping on top of reviews, ease of use/functionality for both our team and guests and streamlining revenue, among many other features have allowed us to focus completely on customer service.

John Iverson.
Owner, VR Arcade

The customer service that has been provided by TripWorks has been better than customer service from any other platform that I have interacted with. The individuals are quick to respond, and efficient in solving difficulties, or creating a more streamlined process.

Victoria Ferrer
Co-Founder, Unique Travel

As a weather dependent tour operator, we are constantly rescheduling our guests and adjusting reservations based on the timing and the weather forecast for a particular day. With any other software that we investigated, rescheduling was a time consuming task, often taking several hours a day. This single feature alone saved our team at least 2 to 3 hours per day and solved numerous issues. Nearly every other point in the software surly self-explanatory and intuitive, and to me from our side and the client experience side, with easy to use features, attractive interface, and more. Further, support is incredibly responsive to any means, often helping solve issues in minutes or hours that used to take days, weeks, or simply ignored with our past providers. It was the best decision we made for our business, and as much as I think that I want all of my competitors to switch, I hope they don't find out!

Andrew Kim
Owner, Circle CIty Balloons

When you look for a software for your tour activity business, TripWorks is by far the best software in the market. Before you use any other software for your website online tours and activities, try TripWorks. You will not regret it.

Henry Glen
Owner, Best Punta Cana Tours

The most important part of this product is the customer service. I often have special requests and needs to operate my business and Tripworks does their best to accommodate my request. They are easy to reach and this is huge, because if something does malfunction they fix it. You don't have to wait several business days and lose out on sales. They know how important your business is to you. The software is very easy to use. They are constantly changing it so that it works best for the users. My favorite part of this software is by far their communication.

Adam Watt
Owner, Bike &Brew ATX

This software is fully customizable to meet the needs for my growing company. Our company has 107 kayaks/paddle boards that we rent out so a software booking tool with a great resource management tool is huge for us. We switched from Peek after one year because their customer service was lacking, integration with Tripadvisor did not work well on our scale and Peek could not handle our large equipment pool. The email system works great as well and helps us collect great reviews. I highly recommend Tripworks.

Christpher Brown
Owner Paddles Outdoor

I was a noob before and now I feel like I can manage it all perfectly. The team helped a lot, the software is easy to use, it is inexpensive compared to others and the marketing options are really useful, also the way it manages how your company contacts the guest are easy and very succesful.

Adria Llado
Owner, Delight Bilbao

I like that it's a clean, modern and easy to use software. Customer service is absolutely exceptional! Another thing that I really like is the way they show date, this is very convenient ,easy, simple and professional. Just what we need!

Jaciel Pena
Owner, Eco Adventures

Couldn't recommend this platform more if you are in the event-based business!

John I.

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