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Sell your activities on Google Things To Do with TripWorks.

Google Things to do is the latest addition to the Google Travel portfolio. It aims to do for the Tours and Activities industry what it has already done for Flights and Hotels by making it easier for users to find bookable experiences based around Points of Interest (POIs). As an official connectivity partner, TripWorks can make sure that your tours and activities are available for purchase on Google Things to Do.

What is Google Things To Do?

Google Things To Do bridges the gap between experience providers and experience seekers. For tours and activities, the booking process involves many steps — including searching, scanning websites, comparing rates, checking availability and making a payment. Now, it’s possible for users to do all this in one place on Google.

To drive more bookings, it’s best for tour and activity operators to be discoverable online. That’s because online travel continues to rise as more travelers shop and book via digital channels. Few travelers spend their vacation wandering around until they stumble upon a bike tour.

It’s also essential to make booking easy. Almost half of all bookings are made on mobile devices. And mobile user behavior demands a frictionless booking experience. Many mobile users don’t like completing multiple steps just to secure a seat on a river cruise.

That’s why Google Things To Do covers both strategies in one sweep. With its massive user base, you can expand your reach by showing up in the search results.  And you can increase your sales because fewer booking steps reduce the risk of drop-off.

How to Sell Tours on Google Things To Do

With this integration, Google automatically connects with your TripWorks account to access your availability and pricing, giving you control over the availability and pricing of booking requests made through Google. Visitors to Google Things to Do will see your availability and pricing in real-time.

When a booking is made on Google Things To Do, it will immediately appear in your TripWorks Platform account, affecting your resources, schedule, and availability.

Additionally, any cancellations made by the traveler on Google Things To Do are relayed through the API connection, ensuring that your team has access to accurate up-to-the-minute booking availability.

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